The Miracle of Medjugorje

This place, little town in West Herzegovina County is just 20 kilometers from my hometown. Prist Jozo Zovko is from my hometown. I know him personally as a Prist at Eucharistic, private I do not know him. We mostly know each other family in a smole Herzegovina city Siroki Brijeg 88220 West Hercegovina, former Listica as was a name during Yugoslavia. Where I was when this happened? There, in Listica now Siroki Brijeg, just 20 kilometers far away when this happened. I was in elementary school, Tito pioneer as every other child then. Difference was it was a fashion for a me, not political issue. I went to Church every Sunday, I was baptiste a several days after my birth, a Prist ask my mother second name for me, not only Marinela because it is Italian name and they want it another biblical name, mother said Maria so in a Church record my name is Marinela Maria. In other documents is just Marinela. Beauty of this movie is because it is authentic.

Herzegovina people are very religious people and they liked a God on a first place. Of course some was served in a political party, today also they work in a different political partys. We sad “it is a genetic, who’s father or mother liked a politic he or she will probably go to this direction, mostly because of benefits, not love. I know Yugoslavia, I remember when Tito died, all country was crying. Because in those times when I need to leave a University in Mostar because of a War, when Yugoslavia was splitting, I was 1,5 year in a shelter with family and neighbors, while bombarded. Later I went to Germany, lived with a fiance and his aunt and German shepard Dux in a Wetzlar, near Frankfurt Germany. I was working. In a Koln Germany I get a first Croatian document as a Croat. Learned a little German I was working in a restaurant, as a waiter. Good experience. Germany then when there was no asiliants. I get a precious experience of a Germany as a good human country. No so much a criminal on a street as today for a normal citizens. Night life is always the same, probably. Today after school in Germany your kid can be molasted. Not so good as before, they can not handle with a asiliants. Today there is as everywhere, coldness and not so much plenty jobs as people thought. Just more human rights maybe, if you are complaining. A lot of Croatian people left a country, about a million and half last 10 years,with a family’s. A lot. Now is a just 3,5 million Croatian here. 2 million live here in a City Zagreb and Zagreb County. A lot of my friends live here so sometimes I think I am in Herzegovina County 😊

I live here from 1996. I have my own 40m2 home from 1998. It pissed of a lot of men’s I used to rejected and a lot of wife’s of men’s I used a seduced 25 years ago, they newer forgot it 😉😊👏 and also they are at Sunday Holy Mass. Forbidden is be still attractive to men’s and stubborn as a mule, rejecting still. So the single woman who living as a nun is the most dangerous thing, no sin, no churge. Trying to frightening me as this video I recorded after a walking I found apartment in a mess 🙄doors locked so I did not called a police. They wanted me to💯👏 and would claim to “I am insane”. Hopefully I was tested after car crashed several times and no pathology in a brain, it is written black on a white on a paper. It means if I kill someone I am directly going to jail, no insanity issues can save me. But they can fake now psychological test so I am avoiding it. Worst then ever. I saw it when people was recording who rejected a Covid vaccine and writes to Government. One medical sister write me too. I told religion issues. Good was I get a Covid 18th of December 2021. Very bed mutation. Those medical stuff rejected to give me antibiotic but was giving other people in front of me as a candy’s. 3 months in a bed, the first 20 days I was dying at home. Sister send me Summamed from Germany, it helped me but not so quickly because too late I get it. I changed a doctor last several days. Several years ago I started to picture everything on a street around me, avoiding to be “missed suddenly” and found a blogger site (WordPress) as a reason for a picturing. My Agatha Cristhie books I red in a childhood will serve me 📚good 💯👏

I had a blog then as mellronydider and I closed the blog at 2018, before Father’s cancer and at 2019/2020 I was traveling. Returned because I broke a foot and fingers, need a peace, health. They are playing the same play but I am not the same 💯🕊️

You can only try to piss her me off and record that against me. New trend for a lot of people they recorded too. Everyone is crazy but Them no. They are as Mengele generation but crazy no 💯👏Today a lot of these new kids just came here, get a job, friends in a underground, fast cars and ego on a high level. They are blind from last for a money. Criminal is on a high level. Last 10 years I am only answering “no, my home is not for selling”. Now They are clever, nasty. They legally registered their real estate companys. Bought a criminals to enter in my and others apartments. They “search for a secrets” what can be used against me, maybe wanted to proclaim me as a criminal and charge me, so apartment is free-if you are a criminal. Last a 10 years, here in a center around me a lot of single person suddenly died, my friends died from a heart attack attack but newer before had a hart problems. Young people with a clean paper of their apartment. Retired people also. Their children’s or brothers or cousins are in a debts💯👏The first they will kill your dog slowly or a find a mistress to your husband, after when you destroyed with that sadness they “will put you somewhere”, just wanted to move you away. They have “a buyer” for a apartment and a lot of gambling debts. Selling your apartment is better than their kidney. Justice? Which justice in this Babilon? They are involved in a mafia business so what can you do, nothing. Who are “They”? Allways are they your neighbors who buy all apartments around you “for a someone”. Neighbors know a field. Is it so as I am talking? We was in communist country and living under a big brother eye. Today is the same but different name they took but here is still the same mentality. There is no goodness or justice. From Monday till Saturday is cannibalism and during a Sunday is pray for their own families, to get a more money, friends, bitcoins 💯👏

Published by: Marinela Meli Pezer

Books are my dream world. I graduated at Economy University, also have a diploma of Spedition. Lived in 3 countries, visited several more countries as a tourist. I wrote a short novel for a 13 minute cartoon "True Angel" at year 2011.

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  1. Wow! Marinela Maria, what a story! Amazing, thank’s for share it. I already know about the Miracle of Merjujorge, wonderful.
    Have a lovely first Friday of April.

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