Picture of river

Rainy days in my hometown. This is a pictures of Mirela Matkovic site. I marked my home, small building where is a apartment of my parents. 6 apartments, 3 floors, my parents on a second floor. On a picture is beck side of a building. Behind a building is this river Listica


I was swimming here every summer during a rest of day’s we wasn’t at Adriatic sea cost (15 days per every summer). My parents are on the second floor, I see a balcony of a room of me and my sisters, this left balcony in a middle 💯❤️

Published by: Marinela Meli Pezer

Books are my dream world. I graduated at Economy University, also have a diploma of Spedition. Lived in 3 countries, visited several more countries as a tourist. I wrote a short novel for a 13 minute cartoon "True Angel" at year 2011.


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