My ex constantly calling

Warm sunny days. Walk is good for a dog but I feel bed after, I like rain, snow, wind, winter, early spring but not warm days. Lately I walk often with a hurt leg but soul hurt me more. I am feeling as a victim, unprotected from a crazy person. Who is it? My Ex finished his play with one girl and did not get a soul satisfaction from those relationship so he called every day, from a gentle talking to forcing me to come in Herzegovina again. Medjugorje pilgrimage is a just something he tried to cover his real attentions. He mentioned a Marriage also, ring for a me, money for a traveling or if I want he will come here to take me. I know loneliness is something heavy but He (Igor is his name) is something more heavier than loneliness, for a my opinion. You know why? His addiction in alcohol and women’s is just something he covering his madness, when I realized I suddenly returned to Zagreb from my vacation in 2020 from pilgrimage. He hurt me than and he constantly hurt me after ai returned. I mostly do not answer on his calls, months can pass. When I answered he have nothing wise to say, he speaks about his parents and their madness, they are asking him to stop calling me, or I need to sign a prenup before marriage and it is scary to know that a men who is 50 years old still is parents puppy. He spending 5$-100$ per a day and that is very scary because it is just cigarettes and alcohol, parents feed him, washing his clothes and ironing. Why will anyone spent a life with him if he will be allways like that. Too expensive is those life and if ever he gets a money from parents he will live 1 year from those money and be homeless after. I should ask a prenup to protect myself from him. He is not handsome and he is not a good lover, he newer reed a books, he allways talks about war he pass 1990-1995 but not on a first line as meny of soldiers were, he was in a seller on a radio contact with a soldiers. His war benefits he get because when he was drunk and under a drugs he shoot himself. He told it is from war, so over the connections he get a soldier status. This all about him I realized after I returned here. I just left because I didn’t love him and I broke a leg, need a my doctor. I stopped loving him because he is too selfish and not a gentleman I thought so. For a me, our relationship was finished 06 of December 2019.

Published by: Marinela Meli Pezer

Books are my dream world. I graduated at Economy University, also have a diploma of Spedition. Lived in 3 countries, visited several more countries as a tourist. I wrote a short novel for a 13 minute cartoon "True Angel" at year 2011.


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