Babilon city

Rich people left a city. They are at a sea coast or mountains, with a families. Mostly fake marriages but everyone play a role they like. In a city is horrible, this sotonic music and drums bitting so strong while my Soul and heart need a rest from this. This music is marketing for a taking more drugs and alcohol. Every weekend came a lot of a young addicted boys and girls working as a dealers, drugs for a students and artistic yet set, delivering all kinds of pleasures (drugs mostly as I heard from wall’s next to my apartment) to a customers. Our city became a Babilon last 20 years.

Published by: marinelamelipezer

Books are my dream world. I graduated at Economy University, also have a diploma of Spedition. Lived in 3 countries, visited several more countries as a tourist. I wrote a short novel for a 13 minute cartoon "True Angel" at year 2011.

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