Lamp as a sign

In last 10 days I saw my green lamp 5 times in a different movies from 3 continents. I was thinking about a scenario and realised that is a some similarities between movies. Maybe I should think about it.

Anyway lately there is a some good news and bed news. Good news is my scelet, I can walk without any pain, sleeping better without pain. Last 1 months I do not carrying a stick for a walk, after last 2 years of broken leg. Another good news is panic attacks are disappeared after 14 years of suffering of that. How so? Why disappeared? I don’t know but last 6 months it didn’t returned. Claustrophobia is lighter than before.

Bed news are friendships. 2 of them. Anna and Vito. Both are selfish lately. Very nasty selfish. Ana crying last 6 months about her problems in a relationship but she sleeps with a lot of other guys in a same time. Her calls and yelling are scary very much. She refused visiting a psychologyst, she drinks medicine as apaurin and taking a wheed every day. I was with her by months and I didn’t paint my apartment, winter came, soon will be a Christmas days. Too late for a painting. She is returning to him after all violence no meter what she decide when we are talking about him. He is married.Last evening Ana (blonde weiter) was very distant from me in a cafe bar without any reason, she has those freaky manic behaviour sometimes so I ignored. I was with a friend Nada who brought me domestic eggs so we was cheerfully chatting about women’s stuff. Ana was flirting with a mens who was next to me. She lives from men’s attention, obviously. Today she works afternoon so constantly I am getting her sms last 3 hours, to come there. “No chance”, I responded. Today she want me? I am tired. If I am alone no need to be lonely. Be alone and feeling lonely is different things. If I am alone I works, reed etc. Be alone behind a my building is restfull for a me.

If I am lonely it means bed energy came. Anna constantly giving me bed energy last 2 months. No way any more. Pictures from cafe are from last evening.

Vito? Vito is divorced professor. Last several months I was drinking a coffee over the day but refused going to evening dinner. I told him that I am not for a hanging up with a any men at the moment because of body motoric problems I am solving now. He acts as he understood but in his office he tried to kiss me bt force gently but forced me to that. I refused and run away. It was afternoon. No I didn’t tell no one because in my neighbourhood living a lot of rich people with a sadistic behavior as his behaviour so? All of them are gambling, taking cocaine etc. Woman’s here are hungry for a men’s attention so whom to tell. Better is avoiding him. I knew that he will show his true caracter in a some moment. He lost a patient after 4 months of drinking just a coffee over the day 😉

I was cooking today. Pie filled with a meat, pie filled with a potato, filled paprika, tea from ginger and lemon. I wish you a pleasant Friday 🤗💖. It is 04,11 pm, rainy cold day in a Zagreb Croatia.

Published by: Marinela Meli Pezer

Books are my dream world. I graduated at Economy University, also have a diploma of Spedition. Lived in 3 countries, visited several more countries as a tourist. I wrote a short novel for a 13 minute cartoon "True Angel" at year 2011.


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