Celebrate or not

What is a Love? Love is every kind of Goodness. Love is from Good God. Desperate feelings are not from God. Better is avoiding a habit to looks only the worst things in our life. If We can find every occasion to celebrate it can as today, Valentine Day, occasion to drink something with friends or partner. If We see the things as Covid, Wars, some kind of Depression in all of Us, earthquakes, getting a old, loosing a health sometimes, loosing a job, loosing a every kind of safety better is become a child inside. Let’s Love a Life which is borrowed to Us and celebrate every Day that we are alive, celebrate if we can walk, bath by own, saw a colourfull world around Us, celebrate if we have a Home, food, clean water, clothes, friends, partner, pets. I know that this is too naive, too cheerfull for a lot of misery but I had a cancer at 1996, then a operation, recovering therapy, I recovered completely. Every fxxxxxx year checking did a cancer returns or not, it didn’t thankfully. At 2001 a bed driver crushed my car, I lost a health again. From 2001 I am just trying to walk, work, bath myself because doctors told me I will be in a wheelchair. I couldn’t believe in it and still do not think so about myself, every day is a new day for a me if I am not in a wheelchair, beging for a help. So I am not naive, I am greatfull 🙏♥️ Today afternoon spent a time with my pet and a Anna, chatting, drinking a coffee and a tastefull liker from a blubbery. I came home now. It is 10,30 pm. Good night, good evening or good morning, depends when You are reeding this 💋🤗

Warm milk, sugar, nuts.


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