I get a new dog, puppy Parson Russell. My other dog mix breed Jack Russell terrier Didi became so spoiled, refusing to eat a dogs dry food, refusing to stay at home alone, running to a arm every person outside, all this after we were staying at a granpa village 2019/2020 in a another country. Earlier all this doesn’t bother me a much, I had a beck and leg problem, fhysical therapys but last 2 months I am walking normally so Didi sometimes need to stay at home alone. It is a huge problem for a me. I adopt a dog 20 days ago so I was living in a hell last 20 days while Didi rejected him, puppy constantly was making a big mess in a apartment, male puppy was jumping over a female Didi so she was little aggressive on it, I was near a breakdown 😊

Last 3 days is better. Didi doesn’t attacking him, puppy Dux respecting her more, do not jumping over her so much, I am not a apartment police anymore.

Dinner. It is 09,45 pm Saturday. Spring rolls. During a this Lent 2023 I am avoiding a sweets, meat, eggs, fat milk products.


3 thoughts on “Dux”

    1. Tnx a lot. Mother, sister and friend doesn’t approved it but I am living by my own, they doesn’t feed me or hug me while I am alone in this big city. Dogs keeps me in a reality with myself and nature. Heavy often but dogs return with love. Tnx for a support Luisa 🙏


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